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Who do I need revealed: a proofreader or a copy-editor?

While putting together an Introduction to Proofreading workshop for a client, a few questions came up that I wanted to share.
What’s the difference between copy-editing and proofreading?
There’s a huge difference, so make sure you know before you commission any work! Think of proofreading as the absolute final stage of the publishing process, after the author, editor and designer have done their jobs – a fresh pair of eyes to spot any mistakes others might have missed.
A proofreader generally checks to ensure that: Text matches the originalPage numbers and headings are correctSpelling and other aspects, such as use of capital letters, are consistentChapter headings match the contents tablePhotos and illustrations are correctly captioned.
If you require copy, images or layout to be checked for house style, you need copy-editing. A copy-editor will ensure that all text is in line with the publisher or organisation’s house style and that any facts are checked and queried with the author, looki…