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Where to do your big Xmas shop

With the big Xmas shop nearly upon us, I thought it apt to post this report from Ethical Consumer. In case you are wondering where to go, this report may sway you. And with credit crunched shoppers turning to the hard discounters (Aldi, Lidl and Netto) what’s the true cost of bargain shopping?

Ethical Consumer has released a new report on the social and environmental records of 19 supermarket and convenience store chains.

The report contains a detailed breakdown of the chains’ environmental reporting – the best rating goes to Co-op, M&S, and, consumers’ will be surprised to learn, Budgens and Londis (both owned by the Musgrove Group).

Progressive policies on product sourcing are reviewed - from animal welfare to timber sourcing – with Waitrose, M&S, Sainsbury and the Co-op clear leaders.

Consumers’ concerned with animal testing policy will be surprised to learn Aldi shares the top spot with M&S and Co-op. Both Co-op and M&S are signed up to BUAV’s humane cosmetic standard…